Custom Jewelry, Custom Gun Engraving, Knife Engraving, and Miscellaneous

We do not limit ourselves to making spurs, buckles, and conchos. We also make western custom jewelry for ladies and men, do custom gun engraving, knife engraving, and engrave just about everything else too. If you need a custom piece of jewelry or have an item that needs embellished, please give us a call as we’ll be happy to work with you. Our skills are only limited by your imagination.

Crooked-Bottom Stirrups

If you are someone who spends hours each day in your saddle, these crooked stirrups are for you. Unlike traditional flat-bottomed bell stirrups, these stirrups have angled bottoms that allow your feet to hang in a more natural position when you are on your horse. These stirrups will absolutely ease the stress on your knees, ankles, and feet making your days in the saddle more comfortable. Aside from oxbows, these are the most comfortable stirrups we have ever seen. Submit a Custom Order request for more information. We will draw a picture based on your ideas, send it to you, and work with you to create your custom project.