About G&S Custom

G & S is Duane Graham and Justin Shahan. Both were born and raised in southwestern Colorado, and have known each other for over thirty years. Both are veterans of the armed forces. Duane was in the navy, Justin was in the marines. Both have spent many months and years a horseback in the Rocky Mountains of southern Colorado, and in New Mexico, Arizona and Texas.

Four CornersJustin’s family has been ranching cows on the same ranches in Colorado for over one hundred years. After their lives took different paths, both wound up in the oil fields of northern New Mexico where they started G&S Custom Cowboy Gear. Duane began making spurs at Canyon, Texas in 1992 and made them on his own for twenty years, then moved to Aztec in Four Corners New Mexico. Justin became interested in making spurs so they threw in together and made G&S Custom. They now do engraving, conchos, cowboy spurs, western belt buckles, trophy belt buckles, and crooked stirrups. With over seventy-five years combined experience a horseback, and twenty-five years combined experience making cowboy gear, these two are uniquely qualified to make any item you might need, and make it to be beautiful and to last on down through the years.

We make items that we expect your grandchildren to be able to use after you pass them down through your family. We know what works because we have used this gear all our lives. We make heirloom quality items. If you can dream it up we can make it for you. We hope you will enjoy the pictures and our site. Thanks for taking the time to stop by, we appreciate it and we hope we can make for you that one of a kind item you’ve been thinking of.

From a pair of spurs to a pendant to engraving a firearm, we can take care of your needs.

Engraving, conchos, cowboy spurs, western belt buckles, trophy belt buckles, crooked stirrups, knife engraving, and custom belt buckles.